Monday, 20 February 2012

Welcome Arthur

Well, so much has happened since my kiln has arrived. I have had a couple of meeting with local schools and have some workshops lined up, very exciting! The cave has been on going and have been merrily painting away! I have been in the local Gazette, some of the things they say in the article are a bit odd, and not sure where they came from . . . . and a very random photo (which they took) but its all good publicity! 

I have ran  have a couple of evening craft workshops, which went down really well i think. Tile painting was a great success, they all painting there best part of their week. I am going to mount them on a board and hang them up! .

This week I worked with a group to make felt bugs and finger puppets. The out comes as you can see where great, but the students needed a lot of assistants, it was harder to teach the rolling action then i thought . . . .  but I think they enjoyed getting soapy and messy! 

Last week my lovely bro came to visit and together we created the lovely Arthur, made of willow. After a morning of a lot of digging, he flew up and now stands proud in the woods watching over the camp fire. He is made of living willow, so long as i keep him watered by the summer he should be very green and hairy.


Finally. . .  my view of the week!  how beautiful is this, had a lovely day with friends walking at Ulswater. I love where I live! 

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Big Arrival!

 So, Friday was a big day! My new best friend arrived in this big van! ! 

Tada, and there he is . . . 

and this is his new home, it took 6 of my new builder friends to get him here, and on Monday the electrician will wire him in. Cant wait to get him fired up! ! 

And this was the view early this morning, beautiful !