Saturday, 22 September 2012

Meet Sam

So lots has been happening. I have just got a iPhone. Which is very exciting, So I shall try and post much more regular blogs. But first to introduce you to Sam Millys baby! They are very cute together . Will update you with all the arty stuff soon

Saturday, 19 May 2012

Meet Milly!

Few weeks ago I gave a home to the lovely Milly. she is now 4 months old, and is a lovely lovely friendly Rabbit. The groups have been enjoying meeting her and giving cuddles.

And this is Milly hutch, where she snuggles up at night!

This is a mural that I have been making with several groups visiting Bendrigg. It has now been hug in the dinning room and is looking great! 

Friday, 20 April 2012

im out of my cave. . . .

So . ..  its been a while,  this is going to be a bit of a epic post , i have lots to tell.

Yesterday I put the first cote of varnish on the cave. . .  a very happy day! no more painting. . . . (well for a while, there is still plenty that can be done but am having a break!)  So I have painted all 4 sides of the main passage way through the cave,  about 30 meters of passage way, I have very sore knees , but groups and staff seems to be very happy with the outcome.

I have been working with Old Hutton Primary school to create a ceramic totem pole to be installed by Bendriggs Tepee. Each child had a strip of clay which they calved and built upon to create a piece that depicted there identity. I then formed them in to rings. The class have now painted a underglaze onto their rings and i will finally add a clear glaze onto the top and fire them. They will be ready to erected, so watch this space.

Clay strips made by the children
Strips made into rings

Fired rings, ready for glazing

underglazed rings, waiting for clear glaze to be applied. 

The school contacted the paper, great pic. . . . .  just shame got my name wrong. .  oh well! 

Another project i have started is creating a ceramic mural for the dining room. i have been working with lots of groups visiting the centre, children have been filling in sections of a large picture with clay shapes. The mural is complete now and being fired as we speak, i will work with another group to paint it, and it will then be installed. . .  again watch this space.

 Also thought you might want to know that Aurthur is growing well, have had great feed back from groups and staff.

Finally, my fokes delivered my new potters wheel to me couple of weeks ago so i have been having lots of fun on this. cant wait to introduce it to some groups. i have been making my self very at home in my studio. Glass work is a bit slow, getting to know my new kiln slowly. but have a few commissions so need to get act together!  

Messy, but homely ! ! 

Monday, 20 February 2012

Welcome Arthur

Well, so much has happened since my kiln has arrived. I have had a couple of meeting with local schools and have some workshops lined up, very exciting! The cave has been on going and have been merrily painting away! I have been in the local Gazette, some of the things they say in the article are a bit odd, and not sure where they came from . . . . and a very random photo (which they took) but its all good publicity! 

I have ran  have a couple of evening craft workshops, which went down really well i think. Tile painting was a great success, they all painting there best part of their week. I am going to mount them on a board and hang them up! .

This week I worked with a group to make felt bugs and finger puppets. The out comes as you can see where great, but the students needed a lot of assistants, it was harder to teach the rolling action then i thought . . . .  but I think they enjoyed getting soapy and messy! 

Last week my lovely bro came to visit and together we created the lovely Arthur, made of willow. After a morning of a lot of digging, he flew up and now stands proud in the woods watching over the camp fire. He is made of living willow, so long as i keep him watered by the summer he should be very green and hairy.


Finally. . .  my view of the week!  how beautiful is this, had a lovely day with friends walking at Ulswater. I love where I live! 

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Big Arrival!

 So, Friday was a big day! My new best friend arrived in this big van! ! 

Tada, and there he is . . . 

and this is his new home, it took 6 of my new builder friends to get him here, and on Monday the electrician will wire him in. Cant wait to get him fired up! ! 

And this was the view early this morning, beautiful ! 

Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Photos at long last

This is the view from my back garden, there have been some really beautiful fresh mornings and this is my studio, so very tidy . . .  I have made my little nest in the corner of the tutors office, their have been a few comments about the amount of stuff i have . . .  but only in jest i hope.

Last week I had a fantastic week, working with a group from Barrow. It was a chance for me to get to know how the centre works, so I joined the group for the week participating in all there activities. including climbing, canoeing, trip to Griazdale forest, and the pub of course. I also ran my first workshop, we spent one evening making rainmakers and indian headdresses for the tepee, a great success!  !

This week I am back in my cave! I have started to paint the walls now, and all is taking shape, very exciting! 

I am now looking forward to the arrival of my kiln this week!! can not wait! ! !

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Stop Eating Soup

Yesterday i learnt why we should all stop eating soup . . . .  when we are are old, we will only be able to eat soup. and so if we do not eat it until then we will be able to appreciate and enjoy all the varieties of soup!  wise words i think! 

so i moved all my thinks up at the weekend with Iwans help! i have set up my studio, and feel very at home! only had a few comments about the extent of my stuff! 

Have been to a training course in Kendal today, i am now a arts award advisor! very exciting. met lots of people and hopefully made some useful connections. 

Again sorry about lack of photos, i will get on it  ! ! !