Thursday, 12 January 2012


so today as a 'research' trip i went down my first cave! very exciting boarding on scary. We went to 2 caves, both of which i have forgotten the name of. The water levels were apparently very high, (i do not know as have nothing to compare to as my first visit) and the water several times followed over my wellies. . . . . i do not think my feet have ever been this cold.  It was truly incredible the things we saw, really beautiful! 

The second cave we visited involved crawling 10m in 30cm of freezing water! we then clambered up some rocks, aiming to climb a waterfall, however there was to much water so we had to turn back. 

This was all to gather inspiration for turning Bendriggs indoor cave into a more real life, sensory and educational experience. . . .  perhaps icy water is not something we will use.

afraid i do not have my camera charger at mo so no camera, but photos will follow!

i have also made a little den in the instructors office that i will use as my studio. very excited to be getting sorted! 

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